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How humanizing the workplace creates a #CodeThatChangesLives

We believe in a Code that changes lives. Here, you will see how we do it from a People Experience Coach perspective.

Scrolling on LinkedIn I came across a quote that seemed to be the answer to a question I’ve had in mind for months. It went like this:

“You become a leader when you help people grow, not numbers”.

Simon Sinek

Before revealing to you what this answers to, I would like to share a story with you. Turns out that almost every time I see my grandfather (very often), he asks me: “What do you do in aplauso? (which literally means “applause” in Spanish)” And I start answering him in the same way: “Applaudo, Grandpa, Applaudo… with two ‘p’s and a ‘d’ “. After this brief explanation, follows a long and passionate conversation about my position: People Coach.

I tell him that on paper, my role is to attend a group of people (my “coachees”) in their professional development, but that in practice I “humanize the workplace”. My favorite 88-year-old businessman just smiles with my answer. I think he perceives me as an idealist, who does not know what “real business” is. But that’s OK. I just smile back and try to make him see my perspective.
I know that for my grandfather and for many, “humanizing the workplace” is an abstract concept. But on a daily basis, it becomes very practical: asking A (I’ll use initials for confidentiality matters) how her cat did after surgery, listening to a broken heart that ended a romantic relationship, supporting Z to process the documents that will help him get the bank loan for his house, or just genuinely asking “how are you doing?” without settling for “fine”. 
He has never said it directly to me, but I know there’s a question my grandfather keeps to himself: “What does that have to do with your coachees’ professional development?” Everything. Yes, everything.

Before being “Font/Back-End developers”, “QA” or “Business Analysts”, my coachees and all Applaudo’s collaborators are humans. Flesh and blood humans just like me: with their own history, stories, dreams, desires, aspirations, fears, needs, and family. And if I say that it has everything to do with it, it’s because I’ve learned that when you genuinely care about what your people care about, the rest (engagement, performance, motivation) flows

Going back to Sinek’s quote, I was telling you that it gave me an idea of an answer to the question I have not been able to answer to my grandfather: “What does Applaudo earn as a business with you ´humanizing the workplace´?” And here is the answer from a young 25-year-old idealist who is starting to understand what “real business” means in 2022:  

Knowing that we believe in a #CodeThatChangesLives, what Applaudo earns as a business thru my (and my colleagues) work is fulfilling its core vision and, in the process, growing numbers. In fact, I am convinced that the growth (in quantity and quality) of a company is a simple consequence of many changed lives. And those lives begin to be changed by caring about what is important to others, by “humanizing the workplace”.

About the author

Natalia Telles

Natalia plays the People Experience Coach role, which is part of Applaudo People’s coaching program, dedicated to accompanying her coachees by overlapping their professional and personal aspirations with Applaudo’s goals.

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