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Merging Artificial Intelligence with Digital Marketing

Learn how to take advantage of AI in digital marketing.

Today, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in business operations and processes has become a mandatory standard. 47% of digitally mature companies, i.e., those with advanced digital practices, already have a defined an AI strategy, and 84% of business executives report that introducing AI enables their company to hold a competitive position in the marketplace.

Over the years -and even more so during a post-pandemic era-, the scope of AI in digital marketing underscores the prominence of this technology in today’s digital ecosystem. Indeed, its capabilities have driven significant improvements in digital marketing strategies, delivering valuable customer insights to businesses, empowered through the collection of data, its analysis, and ultimately its application. In this sense, AI is truly reshaping digital strategies.

In this article, we intend to analyze in depth what is the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, how to use it and take advantage of it, and finally, we will dig into the future of AI in digital marketing. Let’s go into detail.

The role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Digital marketing is no exception to the benefits of artificial intelligence. Many successful brands have adopted the use of AI systems in their marketing strategies, as is the case of Amazon and Spotify for instance.

Has it ever happened to you that you go to Amazon and the platform shows you relevant products based on your previous research, purchases, and views? This is an AI practice. Why is it important to know the impact of AI in digital marketing then? Because by adopting the use of AI systems, the probability of a shopper moving on to first purchase or becoming a loyal customer increases, as personalized experience is today very much in demand.

But the role of artificial intelligence and its impact on digital marketing goes much further. AI can collect data, analyze it, apply it, and then react to it for better strategy implementation. We know that for every business, the role of marketing today is to help achieve business objectives by creating an increasingly intelligent, secure, and seamless customer experience. As the amount of information about potential buyers increases, AI will become more critical given its ability to make data-driven decisions quickly and accurately.

The role of AI as part of digital marketing is now a reality, providing several benefits and options to improve the user experience, personalize contact with potential customers and drive conversions.

How can we use AI in digital marketing?

Companies that make use of AI get 59% higher close rates, 58% higher revenue, 54% higher traffic and engagement, and 52% higher conversions. Artificial intelligence is a great ally for the marketing areas of companies.

Below we will see how to use/apply AI in digital marketing:

  • Predictive analytics
    Artificial intelligence and specifically predictive analytics techniques, allows us to anticipate the user’s needs and offer the content, product, or service they need, even before they are looking for it.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)
    CRM’s are in charge of identifying and qualifying users in the digital channel, communicating with the audience, and delighting customers. The functionalities of CRM’s where Artificial Intelligence is applied are predictive analytics with techniques such as lead scoring, sales forecasting, and customer micro-segmentation.
  • Digital/programmatic advertising
    Internet advertising is moving from being massive and intrusive to programmatic advertising. Big Data algorithms make it possible for the ads we see to be related to our browsing behavior. Programmatic advertising leverages Artificial Intelligence using cookies and deep learning techniques to access information from multiple sources, applications, and channels to serve advertising in the most personalized way possible, according to the audience’s demand.
  • Data-Driven Marketing
    Decision-making is no longer based on intuition. Thanks to predictive AI analytics based on consumer interactions, it is possible to foresee future user behaviors.
  • Process automation
    Process automation helps to personalize communication with current and potential customers. Data from CRMs even allows the creation of videos with dynamic fields unique to the customer viewing them.
  • Personalized interaction
    The main example of personalized interaction in digital marketing can be found in chatbots. Increasingly used to offer a high level of customer service, robots are now being sought to be able to offer empathetic responses to provide a more human and satisfactory service.

In addition, some AI tools that can be useful to incorporate in your digital marketing strategy are: Google Cloud AI, Market Brew, Emarsys, Siftrock, Blueshift, Zoomph, among others. Indeed, these tools can bring many benefits such as improving user experience, increasing sales, sending targeted messages to specific users via email, tracking customers and what marketing actions are optimal for them based on their interaction history, increasing engagement, and raising awareness on social networks.

Is AI the future of digital marketing?

For sure, digital marketing will no longer be able to succeed in the future without the applications of artificial intelligence. Today, we see how digital marketing strategies have been transformed and enhanced by the use of AI systems in their daily operations. So one thing is certain: the future of digital marketing will continue to involve artificial intelligence. From chatbots to “you might also like” suggestions, digital marketing combined with AI is creating more sales and more engaged customers, thus reshaping the future of marketing.

Digital marketers are no longer looking to introduce AI into their digital strategies, but to expand AI into their day-to-day activities. Artificial intelligence provides a competitive advantage that will undoubtedly open up new revenue streams for businesses in the upcoming years, and allow them to penetrate new markets and/or sectors.

In short, AI not only is the future of digital marketing but also the modernization of business operations, putting AI as a key factor in the future of a company’s marketing campaigns.

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