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Why do you need Software Development as a Service?

Learn more about SDaaS and why it is the solution that grants your wish.

Have you ever wanted to launch a new product? A website, an application? Regardless of the case, chances are you’ll need to call on a team of skilled developers and software engineers to bring your project to fruition. But what to do to make your solution a success? Should you hire new developers? Build it yourself? The simplest way: turn to a software company to address your needs.  

At Applaudo, we are a tech company that takes care of the sourcing, the hiring, the training, the development, and the retention of the team you require. As a software company, we provide Software Development as a Service, to help our customers accelerate their business’ tech roadmap. 

Here we will explain what Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) is, its benefits, how it works for us, and why it is truly the one-stop fix to your problems.

What is Software Development as a Service?

When we talk about Software Development as a Service, we are talking about a team of experienced developers from a tech company, which contracts its software development capabilities as a service to customers, remotely. In other words, these are highly qualified engineers ready to solve your specific projects, or even solve your company’s toughest challenges.  

To put it simply, whether you need to fill a skill gap, or scale your team of developers to create a project you need, having a staff of advanced software developers will be your optimal option to make the vision of your project a reality.  

Why Software Development as a Service?

You may be asking yourself why would you need a tech company to provide its software engineers and development services. Here we explain why and how can it benefit you. 

#1 Avoid long onboarding times 

When you turn to a tech company to help you expand your in-house team, you avoid onboarding processes on your own. With Applaudo, you can immediately start the development process of your project since we take care of everything else: we reduce any onboarding time for our customers as we source and recruit the development team for you.  We already have the team that can match your needs. 

#2 Optimize costs 

Augmenting your existing team with the help of a third party can help you optimize quality and pricing on your project: this implies a predefined budget and no unexpected costs. We focus on long-term partnerships with our customers, providing specialized teams with low turnover and you don’t need to worry about quality because it will never be compromised. The amount of workload will be balanced out with a new team focusing on your development requirements.  

#3 Access top-performing tech talent  

Companies that offer Software Development as a Service have previous experience in a wide range of different projects. They are well-versed in tackling new projects and bridging the knowledge gap between the customer and the developer. Our team at Applaudo has a keen grasp of the market trends and solid industry expertise for over 9 years. Our 98% monthly retention rate and +200 projects completed allow us to execute consistently, ensuring a seamless service delivery from the beginning to the end.  

#4 Fast turnaround times 

SDaaS companies are able to deliver projects that are deployed quickly. Due to their expertise, they know how to get the pieces together. We provide high-quality products on time. Our specialized teams can match your time zone to truly take care of your project and provide you with everything you need to make your product successful in a timely and efficient manner. 

For you to take advantage of the benefits of Software Development as a Service, it is important to find a company with solid experience and developers. Applaudo Studios is a one-stop-shop that provides consistent and senior expertise throughout every project. We work with the top 1% of engineers in LATAM, delivering high-quality solutions to world-class clients.  

Why Applaudo as your software partner?

At Applaudo, we understand how hard it can be to find the right tech talent and especially to work in a remote world.  

As a software company, we make remote development easy and secure. We are a regionally and internationally distributed team all over Latin America. Our closer proximity allows us to match US-based time zones or have minimum time differences, facilitating short travel periods and real-time collaboration. 

Tell us what you need, and we will match you with skilled software engineers and designers with technical on-demand and excellent communication skills.  

Let us take over and help you create the ideal roadmap for your project and develop a world-class one.  

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